Intex Pool Liner Replacement

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Intex Pool Liner Replacement
A pool could be one of the most superb inclusions you can have for your home. However, you will need to maintain every part of it in order for the whole thing to run smoothly.

This will provide you and your family the fun you want to experience with the availability of extraordinary and fun destination on which you can collectively spend your time.

Intex Pool Liner Replacement Review

But then, occasionally, it will be required to create changes like the intex pool liner replacement. This frame pool set is a cost-efficient and easy installed option to hard to set up and over-priced walled pools.



Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

This product is perfectly suitable to families in need of the perfect alternative for ground pool. With the efficiency of this product, families will be able to have the chance to enjoy their selves spending their time inside a functional pool.

The pool can be of great value because of its durability and versatility. And, with proper maintenance this frame pool set will certainly offer years of enjoyment to families. It is very easy to install just within 60 minutes duration.

Product Description

This Intex Pool Liner Replacement is a cost efficient, easy to set up alternative to hard to set up and overpriced steelabove ground pool liner walled pools. This alternative pool could be of great value due to its durability and versatility.

With careful maintenance, this frame pool set will surely offer several years of enjoyment to families. This piece of equipment is indeed easy to integrate, which you can accomplish just within 60 minutes.

The package includes cover, surface skimmer, 800gph filter pump, instructional DVD and video, maintenance kit, liner repair patch kit, and ladder. For people that might not be too familiar with liner replacement made of vinyl fabric, it is simply the only barrier that involves partitions and ground with a pool and water alone.

Product Features

  • This Intex pool liner comes with super-tough triple durable sidewalls that are made with 3 divided layers of materials for added durability and strength.
  • It also features galvanized rust-resistant steel frame that is supporting the whole equipment.
  • The unit is also reinforced with polypropolyene rope that is wrapped around the pool liner bottom in order to keep in place firmly the steel legs.
  • This ground pool alternative is also supported by a convenient drain plug, which is used to drain easily.
  • It also has its new feature that comes with the surface skimmer complemented by a basket.


With the functional and innovative features offered by this Intex Pool Liner Replacement, you will certainly find it worthy for the price it comes. This equipment comes with external white pipes.

These outer white pipes are a durable metal, which interlock with one another slipping through the very tough vinyl casing surrounding the top of the huge vinyl pool in blue itself. If you already have the level spot from your past pools, accomplishing the assembling of the pool might take only one hour or more.

intex pool liners

You will surely choose Intex Pool Liners for above ground pools because of the compatibility it shows. It should be one of the best pool liner replacements because of the easy and convenient installation process it comes.

It is like there is some form of dynamic balance in between the huge vinyl pool wall, the steel frame and the water. It is just perfect because of its superior features and capability.

The pool could be filled the maximum of 90% of the total sidewall height. With this feature, you can guarantee that this pool offers more practical swimming depth and area.

This type of pool can not be winterized leaving it up within climates on which the temperatures of winter drop really low.Intex Pool Liner Replacement Hence, you have to keep in mind. This makes the Intex Pool Liner Replacement the perfect option for those people living in places with humid or warm temperature most of the times.

This ground floor alternative can also be very economical. Purchasing this pool liner replacement also comes supported with well-made ladder, which is visibly in better quality than any other conventional pool sets. In addition to this, this pool also comes with light pool cover, small pool vacuum and skimmer.


Consumer might find purchasing this product quite expensive with the price it comes, yet there is always an assurance that they will make the most of it. This is due to the functional and advanced features it offers.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The present score standing of intex pool liner replacement is 3.4 out of 5 stars. This must already be a favorable score to get from such kind of product.


With the many different useful and practical features offered by Intex Pool Liner Replacement, you will certainly find it interesting to have one for your home, as well.

This will certainly bring great enjoyment to your family. So, you should no longer have any second thoughts when deciding whether or not to purchase this pool alternative.

intex pool liner replacement